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At Landmine University, strength training doesn't have to be intimidating. We specialize in helping you get strong, no matter your age or experience level. Our unique approach to strength training emphasizes rotational movement, progressive overload, and easy to learn techniques.

We teach Trainers and Coaches this simple to learn system so that they can pass on the knowledge to their clients. Our goal is to make strength training accessible to everyone, and to help you achieve your physical performance goals. Come join us and see what you can accomplish

Athletic Carryover

Connect strength training to enhance athletic performance.

forward intent

Discover how to bring forward intent to the weight room.

functional strength

Effectively develop explosive functional strength.

Full movement potential

Maximize your full movement potential through the spinal engine.


Join the fastest growing strength training program in the world. 


Find an upcoming certification course near you.


Level 1 and Level 2 online coaches certifications.


Get your first taste of Landmine University Training.

Coach Alex Kanellis demonstrating a technique

Landmine U Online Certification

The Landmine University system is the ultimate method for developing explosive, functional strength through the Spinal Engine. 

A coach doing a backflip after graduating


Find an upcoming Landmine U Certification event near you.

“For me Landmine University is really the bridge between strength, functional and weight lifting training. Now I feel like my training is heavy enough, functional and great to build solid explosive strength without pain. Proud to be part of the team and making future. So sh*t up and take my money”

-Peter Sisik

“Landmine University Training gives me more pop, and helps me connect my strength training to my performance on the mat.”

-Jordan Burroughs: Olympic Gold Medalist & 4x World Champion, Freestyle Wrestling.

"This gave us an exact protocol to follow, and the certification was THE BEST I've ever done. I highly recommend all gym owners get their staff certified. We implemented this into a weekly program that we charge separately for. Easy revenue generator. 

-George Anthony. Gym owner and former Military.

About Us

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Welcome to Landmine University, a leading provider of Functional Strength Training and education in the fitness industry. Our mission is to empower Coaches and Trainers through the latest information, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to getting better.

Our team is made up of experienced professionals with a passion for fitness and a dedication to helping other Coaches succeed. Our Founder, Alex Kanellis, has over a decade of experience in the industry and has been recognized as a leader and innovator in the Strength Training world. CEO, Junior Leoso, has been a Coach and gym owner for almost 20 years. Our certified Coaches come from diverse backgrounds and bring a range of expertise in areas such as team sports development, personal training, and strength & conditioning.

At Landmine University, we pride ourselves on keeping things as simple and effective as they can be. We are committed to delivering courses, clinics and education that meet the unique needs of our current and future coaches, while providing exceptional customer service, and being a support system for them all. Our focus on functional strength training has led us to implement short workshop options, to serve as an entry-level education piece, while also providing a fun and engaging workout.

In addition to our workshops and courses, we also offer a two-day certification course to teach other coaches how to run the system and workshops themselves. This course provides coaches with a thorough understanding of our system and teaches them how to create and deliver effective workouts using our equipment. Upon completion, coaches are certified to run our workshops and deliver high-quality training to their own clients.

We are proud to have received numerous counts of recognition for our training, courses, and commitment to the fitness industry. This has led to many publications like Men's Health, or podcast opportunities like with Mark Bell. However, our greatest achievement is the positive feedback we receive from our Coaches. We are grateful for their trust and loyalty, and we are committed to continuing to exceed their expectations.

In addition to providing exceptional products and services, we are also dedicated to giving back to our community. We support various training initiatives, youth camps, clinics and are committed to making a positive impact on our neighborhoods.

At Landmine University, we are excited about the future and are committed to continuing to innovate and lead in our industry. Thank you for considering us as your fitness education partner.

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