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This "program" should be looked at as more of a template for strength training. This is my attempt at outlining my own personal training regimen when I reached my peak in terms of overall strength and power. You will notice that this program contains powerlifting exercises and bodybuilding protocols. I highly recommend Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell as an extra resource to learn more about powerlifting.

Step 1: Mobility and General Warm-up

The first part of this protocol is mobility and general warm-up. If there is ample time, I recommend implementing the Back Health Protocol. If you have a warm-up/mobility routine you are comfortable with and like, continue to use it here.

Step 2: Explosive Strength

The second part of this protocol is meant to build explosive strength. This portion of the program contains Landmine University explosive exercises. I highly recommend completing "Freshman Year" in the classes section prior to beginning this training regimen.

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